Our cooperative identity

An organisation governed by and for the 12,500 producers

Sodiaal is not just another company. It is a COOPERATIVE.

This means that it belongs to the member dairy producers, which are in some respects "the shareholders of the cooperative".

Its governance model is based on the fundamental principles of DEMOCRACY: as such, each member producer has a vote to participate in appointing its representatives and can become involved, if elected, in overseeing the company.

 "One person, one vote"

Our mission

The Group's mission is to further showcase the milk of all producers to guarantee them a market price and increase the company's profitability on an ongoing basis.


A preferred and transparent connection

The cooperative encourages a preferred and transparent connection with its member producers through numerous dedicated tools, including an economic outlook report, the bimonthly newsletter Relaits and information meetings. Introduced in 2007, the dedicated site www.producteursdelaitsodiaal.fr, a modern and responsive interface, has already attracted over 70% of Sodiaal Union's producers, providing them with easy access to information about the group, the industry and their own business.


The elective diagram of the Sodiaal Union cooperative