Our cooperative identity

Organization chart

The Sodiaal group is comprised of Sodiaal Union, a lead cooperative chaired by Damien Lacombe, and Sodiaal International, an industrial holding company. The Sodiaal Union cooperative makes decisions regarding the direction the group takes and capital and asset-related developments to best serve members' interests.

Sodiaal International performs a strategic coordination and control role. It integrates shared services on behalf of the subsidiaries in order to optimise the costs and share the skills of these services. It also performs a coordination and sharing role within the main functions, the goal being to achieve cohesion and cooperation between the companies.

(1) CF&R: under a 50/50 partnership with Bongrain
(2) Régilait: under a 50/50 partnership with Laïta
(3) Yoplait SAS 49% owned by Sodiaal and 51% by General Mills - Yoplait Marques Internationales SAS 50% owned by Sodiaal and 50% by General Mills