Our cooperative identity


From 2006 to today


Candia acquires 10% of Orlait's capital. This shareholding is set to increase and place the group in a majority position (51%) in 2009.



- Sodiaal and Bongrain combine the activities of their respective subsidiaries Fromageries Riches Monts and Compagnie des Fromages as part of an equally owned joint venture, creating CF&R.

- The powdered infant milk, health food products and processed dairy ingredients activities of Sodiaal Industrie and Cofranlait, subsidiaries of Sodiaal and Entremont Alliance, are combined as part of Nutribio. Note that Sodiaal and Entremont Alliance are already partnered on the fats market as part of Beuralia.

- Merger of the seven regional cooperative unions Elnor, Est-Lait, Orlac, Riches Monts, Sully, Tempé-Lait and Ucalm within Sodiaal Union.



Orlait takes complete control of Comalait.



- Candia becomes a majority shareholder in Orlait (51%).

- La Route Du Lait, a quality assurance initiative for Sodiaal's dairy producers, evolves and becomes the sustainable development initiative for the entire group.



François Iches is appointed chairman of the Board of Directors of Sodiaal Union, as a replacement for Gérard Budin, who was chairman since 1995.



- Entremont Alliance is taken over by Sodiaal, which as a result becomes the second-largest dairy operator on the French market.

- General Mills finalises the acquisition of Yoplait by purchasing from PAI Partners and Sodiaal a 51% majority stake in the operating company Yoplait S.A.S. and a 50% stake in the entity that owns Yoplait brands worldwide. Sodiaal remains a joint shareholder in the operating company and the entity that owns the brands.



- Combination of all Out-of-Home Consumption activities of Candia, Beuralia, Entremont and Monts & Terroirs within a single branch: Sodiaal Food Experts, a company due to be launched on 1 January 2013.

- The capital of Monts & Terroirs is opened up to five local minority partners in order to secure supplies and unite local players from the industry around Sodiaal.

- Signature of a partnership between Eurosérum and Synutra, a Chinese company, to construct two drying towers in Carhaix (Brittany). This operation was accompanied by an annual contract for Sodiaal to supply 288 million litres.



- Merger-absorption of Les Fromageries de Blâmont into Sodiaal.

- Approval by the Boards of Directors of 3A and Sodiaal of a project to merge the two groups, which could take place at the end of the year.



- General Meeting of Sodiaal Union, held on January 8, approves the merger-absorption of 3A Coop.

- Damien Lacombe is appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sodiaal Union, as a replacement for François Iches.