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Human Resources Policy

Our group has put in place an original and innovative growth strategy that combines a customer focus, striving for performance and ethics. 

To this end, we work every day to unite our teams around five values that constitute the Values and Individuals project:

  • Customer foresight
  • A focus on results
  • Daring
  • Team spirit
  • A cooperative dynamic


The very foundation of this entire project was established by defining values that bring together members and employees to fulfil the same mission, sharing common ambitions.
It emerges that Sodiaal's mission, which is to "further showcase the milk of all producers to guarantee a market price for their production and increase the company's profitability on an ongoing basis", can only be fulfilled through the unity of all of the company's players having the same ambitions. The aim of these ambitions is "to develop pride in belonging to the Sodiaal dairy cooperative, a community of producers and employees connected by a shared objective of sustainable growth in the service of its clients".

Welcome to the heart of Sodiaal: its Human Resources!

This section contains all the information you need and details on how to get in touch with us. Please contact us for a more in-depth discussion. 

Catherine Djunbushian,
Human Resources Director