Our values

The values of cooperation

The cooperation is based on fundamentals shared by all of its members.

Solidarity: only group solutions will allow farmers to maintain their place in today's world. 

Respect for individuals: give cooperative members the resources to better understand and control their technical and economic environment, as well as the possibility to develop their knowledge and their ability to assume responsibilities.

Equality and transparency: clear rules of operation known by everyone, enabling a fair distribution of the efforts requested of each party and results obtained by the group according to objective criteria that are known to everyone and easily verifiable.

Responsibility: provide to each member and director all of the elements that enable them to act responsibly and make decisions that are liable to ensure the future and growth of their farm, as well as that of the shared assets.

Trust: this ensures the cohesion of the group and is the source of the delegation awarded by the cooperative members to those whom they have elected to manage the company.

These fundamentals form the basis of the Sodiaal Group's values. It is through these that Sodiaal has forged its own system of values, placing at the centre of this the "cooperative dynamic", thereby conveying the relevance of a business model that unites the Individual and the Economy


Strength in numbers

Agricultural cooperation is born from the desire of individuals convinced that combining their intellectual capacities and their strengths was the only way to provide a long-term solution to the problem of bringing their products to market.