Our values

Sustainable development in our genes

Our cooperative has always managed to adapt its size to developments on a dairy market that is becoming increasingly international in its scope. Sodiaal has achieved 'critical mass' without ever moving away from its fundamental principles: democratic governance and an economy that draws on solidarity and the sharing of values. In this unique organisation, each member producer has a vote to appoint its representative. It can sign up itself and, if elected, take part in overseeing the direction the Group takes. The Group's mission is to further showcase the milk of all producers to guarantee them a market price and increase the company's profitability on an ongoing basis. To achieve this, all producers act as the driving force behind a cooperative dynamic that relies on shared values: team spirit, daring, performance orientation and customer foresight. The cooperative was born out of the producers' desire to unite their efforts. The slogan "strength in numbers" is more applicable now than ever before.

La Route Du Lait, a certified quality and environment initiative in upstream processes, encompasses the entire Sodiaal group. Cross-functional and shared by all of the cooperative's members, La Route Du Lait adopts a synergetic approach to support expertise in dairy produce, the quality of products and compliance with sustainable development, from stable to table. From end to end, La Route Du Lait channels the efforts of each member of the group in a common direction.