Nutrition and ingredient activities

Milk powders, whey, demineralized whey, milk fat ingredients, nutritional products, etc. These high-tech activities mean Sodiaal is able to offer its food industry, vending professional, human and animal nutrition specialist customers the many applications that require high quality products.  Nearly 80% of these productions goes to international markets.


  2. Airaines - 3. Bénestroff - 4. Port sur Saône - 5. Saint-Martin Belleroche - 6. Leyment - 7. Bas en Basset - 8. Rodez

 1. Doullens - 9. Montauban

 11. Belleville/Vie - 12. Chasseneuil du Poitou - 13. Tauves - 14. Saint-Flour

 10. Saint Martin Belle Roche

Key figures:


510,000 tonnes of whey powder, powdered milk, dairy ingredients, infant formula, health food, concentrated milk sold

€700 millions in turnover, 80% of which abroad

14 industrial sites in France, 1 in Czech Republic and 1 in Spain

1 500 salariés en Europe

Whey, milk's second nature

World leader in the manufacturer of demineralized whey for infant nutrition, Eurosérum also offers a wide range of whey powders, dairy ingredients, and milk powders for the food industry.

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Milk differently

Régilait* is the French leader in grocery milk (milk powder and milk concentrate), 1/3 of French production. World leader in the production of milk powder granules to vending professionals.

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* company owned 50% in partnership with Laita


Infant nutrition and adult dietetics

Nutribio offers a range of specific nutritional products fro every life stage - from babies to pregnant women, sportspeople and senior citizens.



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Human food and animal feed

Bonilait provides milk fat ingredients in powder form for the food industry and for animal feed. French specialist in milk fat powders obtained by drying and co-drying milk products.




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