Ultra fresh and frozen product activities

The ultra-fresh dairy activities have a natural place in Sodiaal's organization. This was the Group's original activity and, half a century later, its success is undeniable. Since 2014, this sector of the business has seen the inclusion of a frozen product activity with Boncolac.


  6. Moneteau - 7. Le Mans - 8. Vienne

  1. Aire-sur-la-Lys - 2. Montblanc - 3. Rivesaltes - 4. Bonloc - 5. Agen

Key figures  :


15,000 tonnes of fresh and frozen products sold

€100 millions in turnover

5 industrial sites in France

500 employees in France

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 Sweet and savoury frozen products

Boncolac is the leader in pastries and frozen catering products. Its expertise has been seen in its innovative and original artisanal creations since 1973.

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Key figures*


500,000 tonnes of ultra fresh products sold in Europe

€5 billion in turnover generated by the Yoplait brand worldwide

3 industrial sites in France

The little flower with global reach

For over 50 years, Yoplait* has been sharing the day to day life of millions of consumers in more than 50 countries. Yoplait is on the second step of the podium for producers of fresh dairy products worldwide. But the products and processes are developed in France in Yoplait's Research and Development Centre in Vienne. And again it is in France, which has the largest variety of fresh dairy products, that most innovations appear before successfully crossing the border - for example Perle de Lait, Petits Filous and Yop, which are now internationally recognized brand names.

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* Yoplait SAS 49% owned by Sodiaal and 51% owned by General Mills.
Yoplait marques internationales 50% owned by Sodiaal and 50% by General Mills