Our activities internationally

Expansion outside our borders has been one of the group's key aims since its inception (see Yoplait's development in 1969 of an original franchise model for the international market). Consumption of dairy products is on the rise worldwide and we need to firmly establish our place in this global growth. This is the third core strategic component of the Sodiaal 2020 project. To this end, the International Development Department has been created in January 2015 and has in charge the Group's development activities outside Europe.


Entremont generates 37% of its sales internationally and has three subsidiaries in Germany (Stegmann), Italy and Belgium.

CF&R sells 35% of its products abroad, where Le Rustique has proven extremely popular.



Candia exports its products through commercial subsidiaries in Europe, or through commercial agents in the rest of the world.
Since 1990, Candia has been developing franchises the world over. The brand provides technical and marketing know-how to food groups in around 15 countries in which the dairy industry is experiencing a boom. 
Since July 2013, Candia has opened three stores in China with ZIB (Zhejiang International Business). These points of sale, dedicated to dairy sales, also serve as marketing spaces where customers can find out about the company and Candia's products, as well as obtain information about milk and nutrition. They provide long-life UHT milk and the Candia Babylait range of 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage infant milk. On July 2, 2015, Candia and ZIB signed an agreement founding a joint-venture to sell milk in China.

Meanwhile, Beuralia exports to Europe and outside Europe, particularly the Middle East and Asia. Used in cooking and oriental pastries, "Pure Butter Ghee France Beurre" is suited to the typical tastes of Middle Eastern countries.



As the world number one in demineralised whey powders, Eurosérum sells nearly 80% of its production internationally, in around 80 countries. It has a plant in the Czech Republic and in Spain.
The company is firmly established in China and provides Sodiaal with its expertise in connection with the opening of an office in Shanghai, which is intended to become a commercial platform for the group as a whole. An office in Singapore is also open.

Eurosérum is bolstering its presence in China through the partnership it has formed with Synutra, China's third-largest manufacturer of infant milk. Synutra is to construct a milk and whey drying plant to serve China and will benefit from Eurosérum's know-how in this field.
Eurosérum has also joined the dairy product sales platform GDT (Global Dairy Trade), where the world's largest cooperatives from the US, Australia, New Zealand and India are active in online sales of dairy products. Accessible by 700 potential customers, Eurosérum has therefore given itself a global showcase.

Meanwhile, Nutribio is firmly established internationally, selling 90% of its production outside France. It is pursuing its growth efforts in China with the March 2013 launch of the Nactalia brand, which manufactures infant milk adapted to the local market.
Nutribio is also extensively working with countries in the Near and Middle East, including Libya, Egypt and Iran.
Régilait has a solid presence outside France, where it generates nearly half of its turnover. It exports powdered milk and child nutrition products to more than 60 countries, particularly in the Middle East.
Meanwhile, Bonilait Protéines exports its products to around 50 countries.




Yoplait is the world's second-biggest brand of fresh dairy products. Through its integrated subsidiaries (UK, Ireland, Sweden, Benelux, Canada) and franchise partners, Yoplait produces yoghurts and dairy desserts across five continents and in nearly 50 countries. 19,000 Yoplait dairy products are consumed every minute around the world.