Sodiaal Food Experts

Sodiaal Food Experts' core business is Food Away from Home (FAFH), marketing specifically manufactured products from Beuralia (butter), Candia (milk and cream), Entremont (cheese for cooking and meal solutions) and Monts & Terroirs (cheese for the platter) to professionals in this sector.

Sodiaal Food Experts is a major FAFH player with five professional dairy product families serving five specialist lines of business:

  • Traditional and gastronomic catering
  • Artisans, bakers, pastry-makers, delicatessens
  • Theme catering
  • Fast-food and to-go catering
  • Contract catering


The Out-of-Home-Consumption market

  • 8 billion meals consumed outside the home 
  • 825,000 tonnes of dairy products consumed
  • €2.25 billion worth of dairy products purchased


Large-scale catering

  • 3 billion meals consumed per year 
  • More than 200,000 tonnes of dairy products per year (excluding ultra-fresh) 
  • More than 490 million in turnover